Durango, the 'slice' of the northeast that Morena and the PRI, PAN and PRD alliance want

Durango, the ‘slice’ of the northeast that Morena and the PRI, PAN and PRD alliance want

Pérez Herrera even initially refused to sign the formal agreement with the alliance after the defeat of Héctor Flores, with a 15% preference against Villegas’s 70%, but after a wake-up call he agreed to do so on the grounds that the PAN knew how to honor agreements. Months later, at the beginning of the campaign, he changed his position and has called on his militancy to join the PRI project.

The electoral results of 2021, when the State Congress was renewed, gave the PRI the necessary cards to negotiate at the political table that their candidate be at the head of the “triple alliance”, since in 2021 they managed to obtain 133,160 votes (almost 30,000 votes more than National Action), which gave them the key to obtain five relative majority deputies and three plurinominal.

However, in recent years there has been a significant exodus of PRI members who are now in the ranks of Morena and that have led to various disagreements at the state level for control of the party. Even the current delegate with functions of state president of Morena, Otniel García Navarrowas a local and federal deputy and a state delegate for the PRI, which has caused the rejection of the radical wing of Morenawhich is against ex-priistas controlling the left-wing party.

For García Navarro, the situation in recent months has not been easy. The voices of disagreement against him have increased after the results of the election of deputies in 2021, where Morena lost seven local deputies, one federal deputation and more than 60,000 votes compared to the previous election.

In addition, in at least eight municipalities of the state they have demonstrated for the designation of candidates for municipal presidents, since they assure that the former PRI delegate relegated the morenista bases by imposing priistas as candidates. Despite this, García Navarro has expressed himself positively.

The criticism and accusations have not been exclusive to the state leadership of Morena. Last January, Mario Delgado, the party’s national leader, was fired with shouts and forced to withdraw from the session to ratify Vitela Rodríguez as the only candidate during an event in La Laguna.

A month later, in the state capital, the scene was repeated and with the cry of “Mario out, Mario out”, “corrupt”, “thief”, “Durango doesn’t love you Mario”, “You sold the state, morenistas who supported José Ramón Enríquez as a candidate for the governorship demonstrated against him.

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