Alert for the circulation of a variant associated with Dengue in Cartagena

Alert for the circulation of a variant associated with Dengue in Cartagena

The dengue epidemic intensifies in Cartagena. The health authorities warned about the circulation of the Den 2 and 3 variant, associated with the serious and fatal forms of this disease.

Ana Margarita Sánchez, Operational Director of Public Health of Dadis, pointed out that about 60% of cases of the disease occur in minors and young adults.

Special attention should be paid to the symptoms that are alarm, such as greater weakness, persistence of fever, bleeding in the gums, in the urine, bruising of the skin and persistent abdominal pain.. In the same way, it should be taken into account that the person who presents these symptoms should not self-medicate but go to the doctor immediately to receive the necessary care,” said director Sánchez.

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He requested that “health personnel who work in clinics and hospitals, laboratories, offices, EPS of the contributory and subsidized regimes recognize the symptoms of Dengue in a timely manner, taking into account that in the first days of the disease it can be confused with a virus due to the presence of fevermalaise, joint pain, and pain behind the eyes.

On March 30, the Napoleón Franco Pareja Children’s Hospital (Casa del Niño) warned about the care of more than 140 cases of dengue fever who were being treated at the health center, so the district council held Dadis responsible for the lethality and increase in dengue cases

“We hoped that he would come to justify why so many cases and deaths from dengue, and what differential performance was this 2022 doing in relation to 2021; this year things are going to be worse, the Casa del Niño is already stating that it is at its maximum installed capacity, overwhelmed by cases of dengue, this is because we continue in the same myopia, in the same lack of management, of execution of resources intended to counteract these pathologies,” said Councilman Luder Ariza.

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In the same way, the District Administrative Department of Health made a call to strengthen preventive measures.

“These are very simple measures to protect the environment where you live and the home. Low tanks, pools, sinks, buckets and containers must be washed at least once a week so that there is no water that accumulates, as well as in patios, gardens and terraces. It is also important not to leave objects such as tires or jars where water can accumulate to avoid breeding sites for Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, which are the transmitters of Dengue,” explained Ana Margarita Sánchez.

Sánchez added that “in terms of personal protection, the use of adequate clothing, mosquito nets and repellents is recommended, with the corresponding care so that these repellents are not manipulated by children.”

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