Due to a traffic ticket, the police discover a coyote who was taking seven Cubans to the US

Due to a traffic ticket, the police discover a coyote who was taking seven Cubans to the US

Police from the Mexican municipality of Monterrey arrested a coyote on Wednesday who charged 21,000 pesos (1,050 dollars) to seven Cubans for taking them in a van to the state of Coahuila, from where they planned to cross the Rio Grande to reach El Paso, Texas (USA). ).

The pollero, who was identified as José Ascencio, was exposed for driving a truck with tinted windows, which is grounds for a fine, according to the state traffic regulations. “When he was arrested, the driver got out of the unit, but he could not avoid the inspection, revealing a woman and six men of Cuban nationality,” he told 14ymedio Officer Cerón, from the municipal police.

Authorities from the National Migration Institute (INM) took care of the Cubans, who could not prove their legal stay in the country, so they were transferred to a migration station. They will also issue a safe-conduct so that the island’s nationals leave the country within 20 days and if they are detained again, they will be deported.

“An investigation was opened for the driver for trafficking and human trafficking and it will be the Specialized Prosecutor for Immigration Affairs that will follow up on the case,” explained the municipal police officer.

The truck with the Cubans was intercepted by Bernardo Reyes Avenue, in a marginal area of ​​the state of Nuevo León, where the passage of migrants predominates due to its proximity to the Central de Autobuses and several hostels. This point is three hours from Coahuila.

“The driver was opened an investigation for trafficking and human trafficking and it will be the Special Prosecutor for Immigration Affairs that will follow up on the case”

According to figures from the Migration Policy Unit of the Ministry of the Interior, in the first half of the year 8,496 migrants were detained in Nuevo León, including 325 Cubans. These people are locked up in the Zozaya migratory station, in Guadalupe, a site that has been denounced by the violation of human rightsextortion and threats by INM agents.

Cubans Claridad Falcón Roque, Adrialys Caamaño Domínguez, Alejandro Lázaro Falcón Roque, César Mulet Marrero, Brian Michel Tasé Duarte and Dianet Ruiz Herrera, who they stayed more than a month in Zozayawere released after paying around 1,000 dollars, although they had an injunction granted by a judge.

Arbitrariness against Cubans in immigration stations has been a constant in the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. This newspaper received the complaint about the arbitrary detention of a family of natives of the Island in the state of Puebla.

Yenisleidy Hernández Sánchez, Maikel Presno Sosa and their two children, Eimis and Maikel Andrew, were imprisoned for more than a week at the immigration station, said attorney José Luis Pérez Jiménez. “It is clear that the violation of the human rights of the detainees and article 111 of the Migration Law“, since for their release the agents imposed the payment of 10,000 pesos that is not stipulated in any immigration regulation.

The irregular transfer of Cubans is promoted by the Migration unit, which has delayed the delivery of transit visas with a duration of 30 days. Some, like in the state of Chiapas, are being cheated with the delivery of a humanitarian visa in the municipalities of Unión Juárez, Tuxtla Chico and Suchiate, close to the border with Guatemala.

But the reality is that, since July, the only document that Migration is granting is a transit visa, which guarantees your regular stay for 30 days.


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