Driver who caused the death of a motorcyclist surrenders to the Police;  he was a friend of the victim

Driver who caused the death of a motorcyclist surrenders to the Police; he was a friend of the victim

After nearly 29 hours, the hit-and-run driver after drifting into a lane and crashing head-on against a motorcyclist, causing his death, surrendered to the Police confessing that he was the author of the accident.

Around 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 18, the driver who was being sought by the olive green institutioneither, reached the police module of Radial 17 and a half. She arrived at the police unit wearing a sweatshirt, a blue kangaroo, socks and slippers, she also had a blanket.

The uniformed men apprehended the man who identified himself as Emanuel Omonte Fernández, 30, who spent his first night in police cells.

Emanuel Omonte, the author of the accident, appeared.

Since the accident, the family has not rested asking for justice and details of the driver of the black vehicle that took the life of motorcyclist Pablo Fernando Padilla Rojas (27). Faced with pressure and having the police following his steps, Emanuel turned himself in. The subject turned out to be a friend of the deceased and a former schoolmate.

“If not it would have been pressure, he was not going to surrenderfirst because he knew what he had done and was not able to help him. He was his acquaintance, his schoolmate, his friend.”Gladys Rojas, mother of the deceased motorcyclist, lamented.

The woman asked for justice and demands that Emanuel be sent to jail. “Now it was my son, tomorrow it could be someone else. People like that don’t have to be on the street,” he said.

Driver who caused the death of a motorcyclist surrenders to the Police; he was a friend of the victimThe frontal collision between a van and the motorcycle caused the death of Pablo Fernando Padilla Rojas, 27 years old.


The accident where the motorcyclist died was recorded after 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17, in the fifth ring of Moscow avenue. The driver of the black van invaded the opposite lane by passing a bus and ended up colliding head-on with the motorcycle.

Pablo Fernando was on his way to school to pick up one of his children and his nephew. It was his second trip along the route since minutes before he had picked up his youngest daughter and another nephew who had gotten sick. She left the children at the grandmother’s house and then went to school to pick up the other two children, it was then that the fatal accident occurred.

The security cameras in the area captured the moment of the accident where it is observed that the driver of the black car does not attempt to stop his vehicle to help the motorcyclist and rather he runs away.

Family members protested at the scene, and on Wednesday night they came to protest in front of the home of the author of the accident, who was still being sought by the Police.

The olive green entity arrested three people for investigative purposes. In addition, he found the black vehicle in a chaperion workshop.

“I want justice, what am I going to do with my two orphaned children. He left my children without a father,” cried the widow.

The driver will be presented before a precautionary judge, charged for the crimes of homicide in a traffic accident and failure to provide assistance.

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