Driver causes accident;  leaves a dead doctor and two injured

Driver causes accident; leaves a dead doctor and two injured

A traffic accident that occurred at around 5:30 in the morning this Thursday, June 16, at kilometer 7.5 of the Carretera a Masaya left at least one deceased. The accident occurred when Francisco Ramón Flores Ugarte, driver of a black van, license plate M 151-205, lost control and entered the opposite lane, hitting a red sports car that was driven by Dr. Jorge Ernesto Herrera Chávez, 28, who died in a fatal manner. immediate.

According to witnesses, the young doctor was moving in his lane from south to north when he was unexpectedly hit by the black Hilux truck that first uprooted a Neem tree, crossed the boulevard and hit the doctor’s vehicle and another gray truck. According to videos taken by spectators, Flores, 39, was carrying a weapon, which is how he was able to see when he was removed from the truck.

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The occupants of the red car and the black truck were pressed into the junk. The videos showed how both vehicles were disabled and the truck overturned with its occupants inside.

The firefighters had to use machinery to extract the body of Dr. Chávez from the vehicle and later transfer it to the Institute of Legal Medicine. On the other hand, Flores Ugarte and a companion of unknown identity were transferred to the Manolo Morales hospital.

The Traffic Police made the sketch of the accident and remained in the area giving way, since they had to close the area from the first entrance to Las Colinas to Galerias Santo Domingo, on the road where cars enter from Masaya to Managua.

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Moisés Lira Sánchez, the victim’s brother-in-law, reported that at the time of the accident, Jorge Herrera had left his home in Residencia Estancia Santo Domingo a few minutes, and was on his way to a gym to exercise. Sánchez also explained that the specialist had recently married, had no children and was part of the medical staff of Specialized Medical Services (Sermesa).

The deceased was the son of Dr. Olga Chávez, former director of the Manolo Morales Peralta Hospital in Managua, according to official media reports. “We want the full weight of the law for the irresponsible driver of that Hilux truck that caused this fatal traffic accident that was completely drunk,” published the Nicastreet Nicaragua Facebook page. Bottles of beer and silver rum were found in the victimizer’s truck.

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