Drawings reveal the rape of an 8-year-old girl

Drawings reveal the rape of an 8-year-old girl

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With some drawings, a girl revealed that she was a victim of rape. The aggressor was identified and it is Daniel MS, who was arrested and sent preventively to the Chonchocoro prison.

The Government Minister, Eduardo del Castillo, said yesterday that the case happened on December 31, 2019, when the little girl was eight years old. “Two years later, the victim’s mother (who turned 10) found a notebook where the minor would have made drawings and recounted everything that happened,” the authority said.

According to the minister, in the notebook the girl graphically describes the crime perpetrated by her aggressor, Daniel MS, who took advantage of the drunken state of the victim’s parents to commit the humiliation.

“This notebook was under her bed,” said the authority, and said that the mother, after learning of this fact, “reported the case to the Police.”

“Currently, this booklet, where the minor describes the sexual assault, is being elevated with a psycho-forensic certificate (to know) the meaning of these unfortunate drawings,” explained Del Castillo.

The aggressor was apprehended and brought before the judge for his precautionary hearing. The judicial authority decided to preventively detain him in the Chonchocoro prison for six months.

According to police reports, sexual violence is the third most frequent complaint by children, after psychological and physical violence.

The defense reports indicate that the people closest to the children are the main aggressors, parents, brothers, uncles and stepfathers, among others.

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