Douglas González was arrested for breaching the filing regime

Douglas González was arrested for breaching the filing regime

Jesús Aguilera, the lawyer handling the case, asserted that if the unionist Douglas González is not released, they will request his transfer to Bolívar.

Text: Jhoalys Siverio / Mail of the Caroni

Lawyer Jesús Aguilera, legal representative of trade unionist Douglas González, stated in an interview with Mail of the Caroni that the worker failed to comply with the filing regime to which he is subject in the courts of Guayana (Bolívar), due to his participation in the labor protests of 2018, in which he acted as a representative of the workers of CVG Venalum.

González was arrested on August 1, at 1:00 in the afternoon, in Puerto Píritu, Anzoátegui state, when he was traveling to Caracas with a group of 10 union representatives in order to process a constitutional protection against memorandum 2792, a text that dates from 2018 with which the State eradicated the figure of contractual benefits.

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Causes of absence

Aguilera reported that his client was the only person retained from the group, because he was requested for not appearing in court a few months ago. In this regard, she explained that González would have stopped attending the summons due to the pandemic and transportation difficulties, since he is based in Ciudad Bolívar and the court is in Puerto Ordaz.

“The hearing was deferred. Today the judge from the Seventh Court from here in Anzoátegui and the judge from the First Court from there in Puerto Ordaz connected. So far, the only fault that she has is to stop complying with the presentation measure that she has had since 2018, due to situations that arose in demonstrations there in the state of Bolívar », argued the lawyer.

Protests in Guyana

During 2018, Guayana was the site of multiple demonstrations and arbitrary arrests against the union leaders of the basic companies, who were protesting the eradication of labor benefits. The extermination of union autonomy violates labor rights in the international arena. Due to this, during the same year the International Labor Organization recommended, after the development of a commission of inquiry, that the Venezuelan State should cease union persecution.

The relatives of the worker appeared in court in the morning to obtain information on the arrest request and verify the file number, which is FP12-P-2018-C-44.

Aguilera explained that they are reviewing González’s criminal record to verify that there are no other accusations against him.

“I believe that there is a possibility of release for tomorrow. If not, we can get him transferred to Bolívar and clarify his situation there, “said the jurist.

– Until now, has the due process of detention been respected?

– The judges are already aware of everything. I have to speak with him to verify the treatment and situation, but, so far, his rights are being guaranteed.

González’s arrest in Anzoátegui

The president of the Federation of Retirees and Pensioners of Bolívar state, Hugo Medina, was traveling with González to Caracas on behalf of the union, in this regard, Medina explained that they were heading to the capital to file a constitutional protection before the Supreme Court of Justice.

“On Monday we left for Caracas in a group of 10 workers from different companies and unions. We were going to the capital, specifically to the TSJ. The guard stopped us, they identified us, they verified the identity cards and this showed that Compañero González was requested, “said Medina.

The group is made up of representatives of the health, education, pensioners and basic companies union, despite González’s apprehension, the rest continued until they reached the capital, after filing the constitutional protection, according to the testimony of the lawyer who handles the case, the measure was accepted.

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