19-year-old drug dealer said he was in danger of death and asked for care when assigning him to jail

One of the mouths that handled Giani Roux (19 years old) was in front of a school. When the children left their classes, addicts ruminated among them who went to buy drugs “at the window”, mainly marijuana and base paste.

While the Police – who arrested him this week after seven months of investigations and 15 raids – linked him to several other mouths in the Ciudad Vieja, Centro, Bella Italia, Cerro Norte, Parque Batlle and Marconi neighborhoods, The Prosecutor’s Office considered having sufficient evidence to bring him to justice for the handling of two of them: the one that was located in front of the school and another in the Center.

To reach him – and the other four men who were convicted – the police tapped phones, sent an undercover agent and used data provided by an anonymous informant. The link of these mouths with Roux is achieved as a result of the seizure of a telephone in which he appeared as a distributor, said the prosecutor of the Stella Llorente case at the hearing, to whose record she agreed The Observer.

The arrest was at his home, on Sarandí street. He and some of his employees had posed on the nets with weapons or merchandise, and some with both. They were sentenced as a result of an abbreviated process – that is, by means of which the accused accepted their guilt – and received sentences of one to four years. Roux’s was the highest, at four years and two months.

The 19-year-old was the ringleader and the rest were employees who in turn performed different tasks randomly, according to the investigation.

Roux requested that special consideration be given when designating the place where you will be confined to serve your sentencebecause said to be in danger of death as a result of two reasons: on the one hand, that his father has been imprisoned for years and in this time he generated enemies; on the other, that her mother is a criminal lawyer.

Sources on the case told The Observer that the relationship of this gang with other types of crimes, against life and property, is being investigated. The investigators also estimate that they had links within the prisons (in fact, not only Roux asked that their situation be taken into special consideration regarding their place of detention).

In turn, the Ministry of the Interior reported that it was a medium distributor and that, by dint of violence and threats, he was displacing other criminals from their mouths to take them.

For seven months, the Police was closing the mouths that were attributed to the young drug trafficker.

The operation, which was called Baco – and which attributes to Roux the management of more than 10 mouths – allowed the seizure of three vehicles, $46,512, 16 cell phones, 36 ammunition of various calibers, 14 ammunition already fired, an extended magazine Glock pistol with 26 ammunition and a notebook, among other items. Among the drugs seized were 82 grams of marijuana, 25 wrappers of base paste and four stones of the same substance, in addition to three cocaine wrappers, four capsules with bud seeds and three precision scales.

This organization was one of those presented by the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, in his appearance before the Chamber of Senators, as a General Commission, on June 7.

The Observer reported then that the minister identified one by one the six “big suppliers” of drugs. For 30 minutes of a session that lasted about 10 hours, the police hierarchies described the “map” of the main criminal organizations that dominate drug trafficking in Montevideo and surroundings, and against which Heber promised to “give battle”. Among other data, faces, addresses and names of the main people involved were revealed.

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