Reflections of daily life: The one that works and the one that does not work

Reflections of daily life: "These things cannot happen to us again!"

These things cannot happen to us again!

Humans we don’t need a stone put in front of us to stumble twice. We are repeat offenders, of everything. We can stumble over stones, wells, water and even air.

How many times have you gone shopping and when you returned home, you realized that you bought everything, except what you went to buy? Surely you will tell me that many times it happens to you for not having a list, but… How many times did you make the list and forget it at home? And why talk about the fact that when you get home and see the list, you realize that it was more than one thing that you forgot to buy…

Confess it: How many times did you put the cell phone on charge all night, fell asleep, got up, took a shower, went out cracking, grabbed the cell phone and… realized that the cable was unplugged from the power? It happened to you once, and you swore it wouldn’t happen to you again. Ha! Do not swear in vain. Especially because you know that no matter how much you say that it will not happen to you again, it will happen to you again!

During the pandemic no one has been exempt from washing dishes. All mankind washed dishes. But of all those times that you washed dishes, on how many occasions did you think you had finished, wrung out the sponge, dried your hands, sighed with the satisfaction of having fulfilled your duty and when you turned around… you observed with horror that they were left without washing or a plate, or a frying pan, or a whole set of cutlery? Who was the unfortunate of the family who supported them on the allowance, out of your sight? And above all, who was it that did that to you, since you live alone?

Speaking of washing dishes. When washing a spoon or a teaspoon…Didn’t you put it with the concave side under the stream of water and you and your whole family got soaked? Why does it happen to us again? You know that you don’t have to put the spoon under the stream of water because the “shower” effect is produced, and yet, here we go, tripping over and over again with the same spoon. (because the size of the utensil doesn’t matter: it can be a ladle, a spoon, a teaspoon or one from the girl’s kitchen set. You take a bath regardless of the size)

You went to the bathroom, with all your change of clean clothes, you took a shower and when you came out… the towel is not there! “But if it was just there?” “Oh, no”, you remember, “it’s true that we put them to wash”… and no matter the time of year, the lack of a towel makes you feel unprotected, dripping, cold… and you promise yourself that from now on, before enter the shower you will check that the towel is there. Until one day you are not going to check… and that day… to drip all the parquet in the bedroom! (The shower is a place where something can always be missing: soap, shampoo, even water). And about the towel, as much as you deny it to me, I don’t believe you. It sure happened to you, even if you live in a hotel.

And one day you got tired and said: “I don’t go to the corner store anymore. They are some jets, they remark, bad vibes, they don’t say hello! I’m not going anymore! And you don’t go anymore… until one Sunday it rains, and it’s cold, and you need a couple of little things… and you go back, with your head down, to buy at the corner store. And you even try to explain to the cashier why you haven’t been shopping for the last 3 weeks, you make up that you went on vacation, and the storekeeper cares about a dick factory, and when you leave you swear never again. Until it rains again and it’s cold…

There is a pair of stockings, that you have detected, that is no longer going. It slips inside your shoe, the elastic doesn’t fit, you walk and an accordion is made that you can’t step on. But every two by three, at the precise moment that you put a foot on the bus to go to work, you realize: The half shit! What’s more: several times you threw it away, but since you didn’t tell me that it was to be thrown away, someone rescued it, washed it and that’s how it got mixed up with the other socks again. And she always will… always…

And when it comes to food, how is it possible that after so many years of eating noodles, you still can’t find the right measure? One day you put less, others you put more, but the right amount, never. It doesn’t matter if you try it with a pasta ring, with a measuring jar… it always fails, over and over again.

And the same goes for the bottom sheet that no longer has elastic and comes off in the middle of the night., and it will continue to come off for eternity, the headphones to listen to the cell phone will always get tangled in a key or something else, even if the only thing you carry in your backpack or purse are the headphones, they will already manage to get caught in the closure, and the times you promised you were going to play one more little game on the computer and you ended up at 5 in the morning with red eyes and a broken back in front of the PC, everything, absolutely everything happens to you again. Like when you read this and think: I already read this. Like when you read this and think: I already read this. Like when you read this and think: I already read this. Like when you read this and think: I already read this. Like when you read this and think: I already read this.

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