Dona equipo al Moscoso Puello

Donate equipment to Moscoso Puello

Doctors Wellington Ledesma, Dencil Pérez, Pablo Mateo, Patricio Ortiz and Wilton Cabrera.

The Dominican Foundation of Urology (Fundouro), doctor Pablo Mateo donated a technological equipment, which will serve as a work element, for the Urology Residency of the Francisco Moscoso Puello Hospital, with the purpose of helping the training of young urologists, and thus have well-trained professionals.

The donated equipment was received by Dr. Dencil Pérez, head of the Urology Department of the Moscoso Puello Hospital, and consisted of a laparoscopy simulator, which is used to learn how to perform surgeries through very small incisions, both in women like men, as is the case with kidney tumors or cancer, cysts, stenosis or congenital malformations, and for men, prostate cancer.

Today most surgeries in the area of ​​urology are performed in a minimally invasive way.

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