They denounce massive dismissals and corruption in the government of Cojedes

They denounce massive dismissals and corruption in the government of Cojedes

At the headquarters of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the state of Cojedes, the deputies of the National Assembly for the Bloc of the Fatherland spoke out to denounce acts of corruption that link leaders of opposition political parties in the entity.

Nosliw Rodríguez, coordinator of the Block of Parliamentarians of the Homeland for Cojedes, pointed out that to date information is handled from the Ministry of Labor of more than 100 unjustified dismissals by the Government and Opposition Mayors in the state.

Likewise, he spoke about the irregularities that have occurred with the construction sector in the entity, since the workers have protested for the cancellation of their labor liabilities.

Faced with the situation, Rodríguez denounced that the current opposition government has diverted resources that President Nicolás Maduro has sent for the works that will benefit the people of Coje.

Rodríguez, in his speech, urged the opposition deputies of the Legislative Council of the Bolivarian State of Cojedes (Clebc), to give an explanation for the cancellation of the labor liabilities of the construction workers, “since the works of the State were distributed among the political parties of the opposition and are directed by regional legislators, violating the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and incurring in acts of corruption”, he pointed out.

He also said that he will request the distribution of the works assigned by the Federal Council of Government for Cojedes from his functions as Parliamentarian, since in the state four of the deputies of the AN, are commissioned to ensure the guarantees that those resources are well directed, “because those resources belong to the cojedeños, not to the state governor or to the legislators, and much less to the political parties,” he maintained.

Mass layoffs

Rodríguez also made reference to the situation that is occurring in Fundaimagen, an institution attached to the Government of Cojedes, and assured that to date the dismissal of more than a thousand workers has been reported, and that outsourcing has been applied that violates the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (CRBV).

In this regard, he spoke about a tweet posted by an opposition mayor, where he himself points out that the works and resources are being delivered to a single political group, in this sense, Rodríguez said, “I invite the mayor of the Lima Blanco municipality to read our Constitution because no political group has to be given resources for the execution of works”.

The deputy denounced that the leaders of the right operate through a company called Alianza Total, “which is being contracted by the regional government; but behind her are the opposition legislators distributing the works and resources”, she asserted.

He pointed out that the Clebc has not convened the members of the State Planning Council, who were appointed by the National Assembly directive to do comptrollership.

“Our deputies have not only not been summoned, but they are also completely unaware of how the resources of the State have been distributed, because the right that governs Cojedes is managing the resources of the people with the old Copeyana adeco policy. Nor did they convene the People’s Power or the Communal Parliament, much less the bidding process has been carried out, ”he denounced.

Rodríguez insisted that they report to the Comptroller Commission of the National Assembly and then to the Comptroller General of the Republic, so that these acts of corruption are investigated and so that the governor of the State and the legislators explain to the country where the resources of the cojedeños and cojedeñas.

Finally, he stressed that the parliamentarians of the Bloc la Patria “are not going to be complicit in the tricks and acts of corruption of regional government officials,” for which he asked the communities and the media to be aware of this and other processes in the coming days.

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