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Dollar continues to strengthen and remains above 4,500 pesos

Dollar continues to strengthen and remains above 4,500 pesos

This Tuesday, September 27, the dollar began the day with an average price of $4,523.88remaining above 4,500 pesos and 26.89 pesos above the TRM for the day, which is $4,496.99.

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The opening price of the day was $4,525. For now, the minimum trade value was $4,517 and the maximum of $4,530.

The dollar compared to other currencies

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The pound sterling It rebounded on Tuesday against the dollar after falling to a record low the day before in reaction to a government tax cut and austerity plan that raises fears of a recession.

After drop to $1,035 Overnight from Sunday to Monday, the British currency rallied 1.34% to $1.0832 on Tuesday at 0620 GMT. This rise coincides with a certain depreciation of the US currency, which also lost 0.6% of its value against the euro.

The euro closed this Monday with a downward trend and around 15:00 GMT it was exchanged in the Frankfurt foreign exchange market at 0.9650 dollars compared to 0.9719 at the same time on Friday.

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The new low has been related above all to the victory of the extreme right in Italy. In the morning the single currency fell even to a two-decade low of $0.9551.

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