The ruling party agrees on the first guidelines for the constituent proposal: without “border” and unitary

With the aim of reaching the meetings on Thursday and Friday with a general agreement, the ruling party met in Congress to agree on a proposal.

Representatives of all government parties participated in the meeting, including the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Ana Lya Uriarte.

At the end of the instance, some ideas discussed in the meeting were reported. The first, and most important for the ruling party, is that it will be a unitary proposal, even considering I Approve Dignity and Democratic Socialism.

This proposal will not have “edges”, like the proposal emanating from the opposition.

“They did not put red lines. They said there were no red lines. We are not going to put red lines either, but we are going to put our points to go to the discussion,” said the president of the Communist Party, Guillermo Teillier.

“We believe that we have to reach a great transversal agreement. For this reason, we do not want to enter the discussion process regarding the borders, because the borders will be given by the citizens within the constituent process,” said Marcos Ilabaca, head of the PS caucus. .

The final proposal will be announced in detail next Wednesday.

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