Doldán: «the overshadowed prosecutor who is called to silence»

In 37 days (from May 10 to June 17), the Colombian Public Ministry sent to prison the material authors of the assassination of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci in Colombia. While in Argentina, investigations into the Iranian-Venezuelan plane are advancing rapidly.

However, in our country, the investigations yield zero results, which exposes a poor management of the International Affairs Directorate of the Public Ministry, whose visible face is the prosecutor Manuel Doldán.


Esther Roa, president of the Coordinator of Lawyers of Paraguay (Coapy), expressed that the case of the Iranian-Venezuelan plane, exposes the ineffectiveness of a Public Ministry that has a debt with the country.

“In this case, when we talk about transnational organized crime, then we can involve prosecutor Doldán where he should give more explanations of what happened. Or in any case, give a period for citizens to be aware of what may result as a preliminary investigation, ”he said.

He questioned that in Argentina the case has already advanced a lot and as always, in Paraguay, the Public Ministry awaits the reaction of another country to be able to act as happened in the case of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci.

“We have an opaque Public Ministry, which is without content. It seems that the people who are there do not have a direction to fulfill their constitutional functions. I don’t expect them to clarify what happened here. Several institutions that failed in the control system are involved”, he stated.


Roa affirms that Doldán is the most visible face of the Directorate of International Affairs and that he has to do everything related to the request for information from other countries to gather evidence and more data.

“Today he is overshadowed, self-absorbed, he called for silence. It is the part that we do not understand as citizens. He is a fiscal agent who should be prepared to respond in these specific cases; instead, he is the most absent person we have in the Public Ministry system”, he commented.

He finally said that the problem of the Public Ministry starts from the head with Sandra Quiñónez.

“I think there is a collusion. The Public Ministry is co-opted, it is kidnapped. I cannot understand that an institution that has the power to request reports and require evidence can never do so. The excuse is always that they don’t have a budget. There are many things that citizens are doing without resources. Because the Public Ministry, which has the basics, makes the excuse that they do not have a budget,” he commented.

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