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DOF publishes decree on freedom of expression of public servants

From the editorial

Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday December 28, 2022, p. 7

The Official Journal of the Federation published yesterday the decree by which the Social Communication and Administrative Responsibilities laws are reformed, which indicate that the manifestations of public servants in use of their freedom of expression and in the exercise of their public functions do not constitute government propaganda.

The document prohibits social communication campaigns whose content is aimed at influencing the competition between political parties, pre-candidates or candidates in electoral and non-electoral periods, and are used to grant covert public resources that directly or indirectly benefit the media or third parties. .

It also defines government propaganda as the set of writings, publications, images, recordings and projections disseminated at the expense of the public budget, specifically labeled for that purpose, or through the use of official times by a public entity, in order to disseminate the work, actions or achievements related to its purposes; information of public interest tending to the well-being of the population or to stimulate citizen actions; to exercise rights, obligations or access benefits, goods or public services, in any means of communication.

Its characteristics must conform to what is stated in article 134, eighth paragraph, of the Constitution, that is, they must have an institutional character.

In the same way, it indicates the criteria for the application of public spending in government propaganda, among which are republican austerity, budgetary rationality and opportunity.

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