Do you have a business?  Follow these five tips to improve your logistics

Do you have a business? Follow these five tips to improve your logistics

So much for both large and small, it is important to improve and have a well-structured , as it is a key factor in any business. Actions such as packaging, storage, transportation and distribution of the product are essential parts of the internal organization of this area that, if not attended to, could alter the operation of the company.

Alex Kudzuma, CEO of Anunalog, a digital platform dedicated to facilitating warehouse and transportation search and selection process services for companies, and entrepreneurship of the Emprende UP portfolio (Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the University of the Pacific), affirms that the correct The execution of a logistics plan will have a great impact on the final consumer, because if the delivery of a good product is not fulfilled, there is a risk of losing customers and generating a bad reputation for the business.

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In line with this, executing a plan to optimize the logistics of your business will help to develop routes, negotiate with suppliers, improve delivery times and ensure that the processes occur within the expected costs. Kudzuma details five tips that will be key to improving performance in this area:

  1. Organization: To reduce logistics costs does not require a large investment, what is needed is to improve the organization. Managing good inventory control, organizing warehouses and delivering the product to the customer in an efficient manner in terms of time, cost and service favors logistics processes.
  2. Have relevant data: It is necessary to measure and record how many products are in the warehouse, determine the stock of raw materials, how much is delivered, how long and how long it takes to sell. By registering this, we begin to be aware of what the cost represents, in this way we can start working on improvement and development plans to optimize inventory management.
  3. Mass purchase of supplies: It is advisable to opt for mass purchase, as it will allow you to have all the supplies that are required to make and deliver your products in the right time. It will also help save time and money. The purchase of supplies, management of raw materials and packaging material fall into this category.
  4. Business guideline: The operational decisions made with the work team must be guided by a guideline that indicates negotiating, developing and fostering relationships in the short, medium and long term with both clients and suppliers. In this way, the results can be oriented to the business vision. In addition, communication will be a key piece to develop the activities considered in the guideline.
  5. Having partners in the transport sector: Within the transport and logistics sector it is necessary to have good partners or allies. It is clear that not all businesses have their own transport fleet. In these cases, it is important to find a carrier that meets the necessary times and routes, in addition to offering a quality service.


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