Activos del Banco de Reservas crecen 28.57 % en marzo 2022

Banco de Reservas assets grow 28.57% in March 2022

At the end of March 2022, the Banco de Reservas assets increased 28.57%for a total of RD$910,821.5 million, exceeding the results of March 2021 by RD$202,372.9 million.

The net profits they reached a total of RD$ 5,013.3 million (an increase of 43.9% compared to March 2021), while their profitability –ROA– stood at 2.3% and that of equity –ROE– at 34.0%.

These statistics show the solidity of the bank and that Banreservas continues to be the largest bank in the Dominican Republic.

The delinquency rate reached 1.1%and coverage for possible risks of non-payment 641.7%.

The deposits continue to riseto reach the sum of RD$ 725,295.1 million, higher by RD$ 160,743.8 million, for an increase of 28.5%, in relation to March 2021.

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The mix of funds placed is distributed in 72% (RD$ 519,448.0 million) from the private sector and 28% from the public sector (RD$ 205,847.1 million)

For its part, the gross loan portfolio registers an increase of RD$ 56,643.2 million (an increase of 17.3%) versus March 2021, closing at RD$ 384,933.8 million.

Until April 30, the bank is holding the Expo Fomenta Pymes Banreservas 2022, with a rate of 7.95%, fixed up to three years for commercial loans, so that SMEs can opt for working capital to develop and consolidate your business and economic reactivation.

Support for rice farmers

The entity has RD$10,000 million to finance the 2022-2023 rice harvest that begins today, with a preferential rate of 6% to support that sector and contribute to food security.

Through its program Pledge of Ricehas allocated RD$56 billion, of which it has disbursed RD$46,376 million, since 2012.

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