A serenade for the great creators

A serenade for the great creators

The new song presented by the Purahéi Soul duo pays homage to great creators of national culture. This sound fuses traditional rhythms such as waltz and folklore, following the imprint of Miguel Narváez, Jennifer Hicks and her «Bloque Guaraní». The material is now available on digital platforms.

This is the third single released by the Purahéi Soul project with a view to their next record material. It is a fusion folklore proposal with a waltz rhythm, where Miguel Narváez and Jennifer Hicks contributed the lyrics and the music was made in collaboration with Marcelo Soler, musician and producer, recognized on the scene.

Aju Nderendápe, which in Spanish means “I come to your presence”, speaks of the act of serenading, so characteristic of Paraguayan culture, as of Latin America.

With the rhythm of a waltz and the air of a bolero, it tells how this almost forbidden encounter between two beings whose love cannot be, since they correspond to different planes, happens. “A spiritual being carrying songs to the balcony of his earthly love.”

The name of the song brings a small tribute to the great poet Manuel Ortíz Guerrero and the teacher José Asunción Flores, creators and authors in lyrics and music of the mythical guarania “Nderendápe Aju”.

In parts of the material you can hear the voice of the great Paraguayan writer Augusto Roa Bastos, telling how he was also part of this popular tradition of writing songs and being part of the serenades.

In this way, Purahéi Soul has been presenting the songs that will be part of their album Bloque Guaraní. With 12 songs, it will be the duo’s second album and its name is a tribute to the cooperative work of the multidisciplinary team that makes up the project.

They previously presented Desapego, which positioned them both locally and regionally, and was received with great acceptance by a wide audience. His video clip has more than three million views on YouTube and on Spotify it exceeds 2.5 million listeners, in 10 months.

It should be noted that on this platform it entered the “Top 50 viral” in Paraguay and Argentina, as well as in the “Top 50” in Paraguay. They then released the Ymaitéma Piko guarania as the second single, which was accompanied by a campaign in conjunction with the NGO “A Todo Pulmón”, seeking to raise awareness about the importance of the environment and reforestation in our country.

Jennifer Hicks and Miguel Narváez formed Purahéi Soul in 2013, with the goal of revaluing the original meaning of music and art. Its sound seeks to defend fusions with identity, pay tribute to diversity and work on the cooperative construction of an artistic and aesthetic concept, with awareness and responsibility.

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