Dismissal of Onapre president does not satisfy union demands

Dismissal of Onapre president does not satisfy union demands

After equalizing all positions and approving a supposed linear increase of 75%, but subtracting bonuses that had a salary impact, once again the Chavista administration demonstrated that its supposedly beneficial “labor policy” for workers actually makes the different workers more precarious. sectors

Onapre is just an executing office, the policy comes from above. That’s where you have to check. Is there money to pay them? if they split the payment, it creates that unknown. Since March of this year, different unions in the country have held street protests to demand the repeal of the instructions of the National Budget Office (Onapre) – which is in charge of budget processes of state agencies —because it violates the labor rights of Venezuelan workers, by contemplating a salary reduction and loss of benefits.

In the CocuyoClaroyRaspao this Thursday, August 18, the journalist and editor Gabriela Rojas, who has covered the source of education, talks about this topic with Xabier Coscojuela and Luz Mely Reyes, from the media SuchWhich and CocuyoClaroyRaspao, respectively.

For her, although Nicolás Maduro dismissed the president of the Onapre after the pressure generated in recent weeks, the action does not have a major impact on the problem because “politics comes from above (…) the Onapre is the executor of the policies of the Ministry of Finance and the National Executive. Thus, she considers that although the mechanism is presented as a “worker’s policy that benefits workers, what it does is violate years of service, of professionalization, of what is a career official within the public administration”-

When this instruction was applied, the salary scales “were crushed”, because all the positions were equalized, after approving a linear increase of 75% that seemed significant, but, when subtracting the bonuses that were removed, transportation, uniform, staffing, etc. that they had a wage fire, it is revealed that the full salary is very low.

«The 90 factor (part of the new Onapre procedure) consists in dividing the worker’s base salary by the minimum salary and then multiplying it by 90. When the base is very close to the minimum, when they make that conversion, you lose up to 15 and 20% of your salary because the amount is practically equal and does not have the capacity to multiply in percentage, ”explained the also university professor.

In this sense, Rojas commented that the erroneous idea that teachers, and the different Venezuelan professionals in general, cannot live on their salaries and that is why they must have between three and four jobs simultaneously, cannot continue to be normalized, since all of this has led to migration, the change of trades and absenteeism in universities, which have a teacher deficit of over 50%.

«At the time of the increase in March, the highest salary, we are talking about teachers with 20 years of career, it was 100 dollars and at the exchange rate right now it is worth 80 dollars. We are talking about people who have dedicated their lives to teaching. There are teachers who work in administration, directives and classrooms. That is a problem that has to do with the payroll (….) the multiplicity of work,” added the also editor of the weekly Entérate.

Gabriela Rojas believes that you cannot bet that the protests are not going to lead to anything. On the contrary, it considers that the fact that Maduro has agreed to pay the vacation bonus to teachers —which was the first sector affected by the application of the instructions, but not the only one— made people see that going out into the street and making noise had an effect. However, the elimination of the mechanism would be only a step towards the recovery and dignity of Venezuelan workers.

Learn more about the Onapre instructions and how it violates the labor rights of the country’s public employees by entering the TalCual’s YouTube channel.

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