Muere joven estaba detenido en destacamento de Naco; suspenden personal

Dies young was detained in Naco’s detachment; personnel suspended

The Director General of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, ordered the suspension of the personnel of the Naco Detachment, National District, where a citizen was detained the night of last April 27 for suffering an alleged “mental crisis”, being admitted the following morning to the Moscoso Puello Hospital, after being assisted by personnel from 911.

Then, according to the first inquiries, David De los Santos was referred to Darío Contreras, where he was declared dead today.

Major General Alberto Then also ordered that the internal control agencies, in coordination with the Public Ministry, investigate himThe circumstances in which Mr. De Los Santos was detained and the causes of his death.

The preliminary report indicates that De los Santos was taken to the aforementioned police station on the night of April 27, after an incident in a shopping plaza, where he allegedly suffered “apparently a mental crisis and said a few words to a woman who felt “threatened” , as stated by his sister Sugeidy Correa. It was the security personnel of the square that arrested De Los Santos at first and then they informed the National Police.

The morning of the day after his arrest, he was assisted by 911 personnel, called by police officers; In the morning he was admitted to the Moscoso Puello hospital and later referred to Darío Contreras, where he died. The investigative process will determine the real circumstances in which the events occurred.

Director police warned that bad actions are not and will not be tolerated in the institution. Likewise, it guaranteed a transparent investigation, based on reports and medical reports.

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