Diego Bertie: Cinnamon, the novel that was filmed in Arequipa

Diego Bertie: Cinnamon, the novel that was filmed in Arequipa

Canela is the novel filmed in Arequipa where the recently deceased Peruvian actor was the protagonist of a love triangle under the character of Adrian Elgueranext to the Venezuelan astrid gruber (Azucena Ruiz) and J.avier valdez (Santiago Elguera).

In 1994, the production company Teletaller made an unexpected decision and the entire production of Humberto Polar moved to the White City to record the telenovela that was broadcast in 1995 through Panamericana.


Santiago Elguera, was a widowed businessman with 6 children defender of vicuñas due to his textile company, while Adrian was the brother of Santiago Elguera, the apple of discord.

Azucena, the town novice enters the millionaire’s home to take care of the successful businessman’s children. Both brothers are in love with the woman, but Azucena initially notices the father of the young people she educated.

After Santiago disappeared, everyone believed him dead and Adrian and Azucena fall in lovewhile the relatives dispute for the control of the company that the millionaire left.

Diego Bertie was one of the protagonists of the novel Canela, which was recorded in Arequipa

However, the character they thought had died returns to the scene, but this time as the enemy of Diego Bertie’s character, Adrian, who had already become the leading man in the novel.

Several Arequipa artists acted in this novel, such as Reynaldo Delgado, Juan María Montesinos, Eduardo San Román, among others.

The scenarios of this novel were the Goyeneche Palace in the Sachaca district, the Founder’s Mansion, the Mirador and the Yanahuara church, the Plaza de Armas in Arequipa, the Santa Catalina Convent, Pampa Cañahuas, among others.

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