DGT cites dates to register the forms

The Ministry of Labor reminded all employers to submit to the General Directorate of Labor (DGT) the staff payroll on a fixed basis for an indefinite period, within the first 15 days of this year.

In the same way, it observed that the fixed staff forms will be renewed annually and will be deposited with the DGT no later than January 15, in accordance with the provisions of Article 15 of Regulation 258-93, for the application of the Code of Job.

The document must be registered through the following electronic address https://sirla.mt.gob.do, proceeding to register its workers in the establishment where they are providing their services, and once they are sure that the information contained in the form are correct, proceed to the corresponding payment through one of these two ways: a) carry out an electronic transaction with a credit or debit card, b) acquire a PIN at one of the Local Labor Representations.

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