Deputy Meleán believes that consensus should be explored to elect the unitary candidate

Rubén Meleán assures that the primaries are going to divide the opposition more and leaves doubt that there will be a certain advantage. He proposes the construction of a real opposition alternative that is not only dedicated to making slogans, but also provides content

The deputy of the National Assembly elected in December 2020 and secretary general of the Advanced Progressive party in the state of Vargas, Rubén Meleán, considered this Friday, August 5, that there is a “inconvenience” within the opposition because there is a sector -the Unitarian Platform- that proposes primaries, but in his opinion, they are not entirely transparent because he believes that it is that sector that would choose who participates.

In an interview given to Globovisión, Meleán stressed that this primary process rather divides the opposition because “when you segregate, you divide the opposition by saying who is an opposition or not, when you let disabled people participate and there are even proposals that the CNE does not participate. Are we looking for a solution or for it to get worse? I think it’s the latter.”

He affirmed that other mechanisms must be explored, such as consensus, so that there can be a candidate who truly represents all the opposition political sectors. He also accused that sectors “with anti-democratic proposals” such as coups, Operation Gideon and sanctions will participate in these primaries.

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“Those things that divide us, greatly limit our participation and apart from that, sectors that have international support such as Monomeros and Citgo, are obviously going to compete in different conditions than those that we are throwing pigeon with our hands”, he highlighted.

He believes that a real opposition alternative must first be built that is not only dedicated to making slogans, but also provides content; that there be promotion of peaceful proposals, that responsibilities be assumed and that a path be built “among those of us who are alike.” In this sense, he mentioned that it is essential to put on the table a series of proposals that include serving the most needy as a priority and indicated that it is necessary to reconnect with the people again.

He warned that there is 70% discontent on the part of the population regarding politics due to the “series of errors” that have been made and that led them down the path of disappointment.

Regarding the special economic zones in Vargas, deputy Meleán pointed out that the Executive has a crisis of confidence in the private sector for investments both internally and externally, but, he clarified, that if these obstacles are overcome it could be a good initiative for the country for the generation of jobs and for the economy to grow. In addition, he said that the issue of public services needs to be addressed.

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He commented that the port of La Guaira was very important a few years ago but, in his opinion, it currently has a structural crisis due to the lack of investment for its modernization and needs “great technological advances” to make it essential. He criticized that the authorities seek to invest in fixing the perimeter wall instead of obtaining resources for other items that are a priority.

Rubén Meleán rejected the application of the Onapre instructions in the education sector and public administration, emphasizing that when there is a country with teachers with “economic mediocrity”, the country is “doomed to failure”. For this reason, he expressed that Avanzada Progresista joined the unions’ call to fight for better demands.

He repudiated that the payment of vacations to teachers has been agreed in eight months and he believes it is essential that decentralization be returned.

Regarding the case of the “attempted assassination”, for which a sentence was obtained on Thursday, August 4, the parliamentarian hopes that true justice has been applied in the case and that human rights have been respected in the process, just as he considers it to be valued amnesty “as a search to maintain peace”.

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