Strike in refrigerators extends to 48 hours and companies say they are "hostages" of the conflict

Without warning and surprisingly for companies in the industrial refrigeration sector, The Workers’ Federation of the Meat and Allied Industry (Foica) decided to carry out a new 24-hour strike this Friday, August 5 nationally, the second in a row.

The measure was adopted around midnight on Thursday 4, at the end of a day with two activated measures: a 24-hour strike and a mobilization in the center of Durazno.

The president of the Association of the Meat Industry of Uruguay (Adifu), Marcelo Secco, commented this Friday to The Observer that companies feel “hostages” By this situation.

With this new strike day, 48 hours of inactivity will be completed in much of the meatpacking industry at the national level, given that in specific cases there were slaughter tasks and others in the industrial complexesas he knew The Observer.

The previous strike, this Thursday, was announced several days in advance.

The Foica measures were adopted by Irregularities and “unjustified” dismissals in Frigocerro, a refrigeration company located in Santa Bernardina, Durazno, where about 150 people work; that company fired two workers, one from the maintenance area and another from the slaughter, deboning and packaging sector.

Hostages and a request to the State

Secco indicated that he would like to listen to the authorities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), given that the conflict is between the unionized workers and a particular company.

“It is an issue of the Ministry of Labor with a company, the spokesperson should be the Ministry of Labor, because for these complaints against a company they are holding the entire industry hostage“, held.

The workers denounce that they have presented several proposals to the company to unblock the situation (the dismissal of two workers) and that these have all been rejected.

In a statement released in recent hours by the union, it was stated: “We ask the State authorities to generate the corresponding areas to put an end to abuses and outrages of this magnitude”.

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