Deputies request a report from the Ministry of Government on the whereabouts of seized helicopters and the operations at the aerodrome

Deputies request a report from the Ministry of Government on the whereabouts of seized helicopters and the operations at the aerodrome

Opposition deputies made a formal oral report request to the Minister of Government, Eduardo Del Castilloto answer to the Chamber of Deputies about the whereabouts of two helicopters seized from drug traffickers during a giant operation called ‘Salitre’, as well as the case of the La Cruceña aerodrome, located in the municipality of Cotoca.

These are the AS-350 and Robinson R-66 helicopters, which were seized on March 11 during a mega-operation carried out by agents of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn), in coordination with Brazilian police in the provinces of Guarayos and San Ignacio de Velasco. On that occasion, a cocaine crystallization laboratory was also destroyed, drugs and chemicals were seized, and three foreigners were captured in possession of firearms, who offered tenacious resistance by firing shots.

The helicopter hijacked by the Felcn that was found in the mount

According to a police report, the AS-350 helicopter was transferred by the Felcn to the town of Porvenir, while the Robinson R-66 remained in Guarayos. Seven days ago, community members from Porvenir made it known that men dressed in Umopar uniforms and they were in a truck. They proceeded to load the helicopter onto the truck. and they took him defiantly with the argument that they had already agreed and paid the Felcn. For the residents, these people were drug traffickers in a network and were commanded by a Colombian.

Over the weekend, surprisingly, Felcn agents arrived in Porvenir in a motor vehicle with Dircabi personnel to deliver the helicopter, but they did not find it. There was a meeting with community members, the policemen signed an act and together with the policemen they began a search until they found the helicopter in the middle of the mountain 30 kilometers from Future.

The deputies María René Álvarez, Erwin Bazán, Tatiana Áñez, Walthy Égüez, Marcelo Pedraza and Michel Flores they already made the request for a report to the president of the Chamber of Deputies Freddy Mamani.

Thus, the Minister of Government Eduardo Del Castillo and representatives of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics, they will have to answer for three police interventions. The first case is about the ‘Salitre’ operation, where two helicopters were hijacked, a drug laboratory was destroyed and two subjects were arrested.

The other two mega-operations were carried out at the La Cruceña aerodrome, one dating from July 30, 2019, where more than a dozen detainees were found in the middle of a shootout and the seizure of small planes that transported quantities of cocaine to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, an action that was annulled by the then national head of the Felcn Maximiliano Dávila.

And the last operation carried out in the same place on March 27, when 38 people were arrested, weapons and chemicals were seized and 66 light aircraft were sealed.

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