Deputies approve Guaira intervention

The Chamber of Deputies approved the intervention of the Government of Guairá. A majority of 44 legislators voted for its approval and only 41 votes were needed. With this, the Executive Branch will designate an external comptroller who will manage the government for the next three months.

José Carlos Vera, governor of Guairá, is the target of criticism for an alleged breach of trust.


Last February, the Departmental Board of Guairá approved the intervention of the government. This, after detecting irregularities in the management of Governor Vera in the handling of US$ 2 million that the central government delivered to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

The intervention request had to be dealt with in the extraordinary session of March 30, however, the chartists left without a quorum. Since then, the process has been delayed.

The excuse of the legislators to withdraw from the session was the questioning of the legislators Celeste Amarilla and Kattya González, something similar happened the following weeks, until today, where they finally decided to deal with the request.

The Undersecretariat of State for Taxation (SET) confirmed several administrative irregularities, such as cloned invoices and speaks of a loss of US$ 1 million. Among them, the acquisition of lights for the Guaireña club, an infrastructure that already existed according to the complaint, for which a case of double billing is suspected.


Juan Carlos Vera, governor of Guairá, gave his version of events to Ñanduti AM a couple of months ago. He stated that he only signed a payment for the lights at the Guaireña stadium.

“There was only one disbursement, there is no double payment. All the constructions that were made with the reactivation fund are done. There are no ghost works. A series of observations came from the Comptroller regarding the reactivation funds that have been fulfilled, ”he pointed out in his defense.

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