Criminal hits young girls to steal a cell phone and falls down a slope

Criminal hits young girls to steal a cell phone and falls down a slope

To steal a cell phone, a drunk subject assaulted two young girls. The aggrieved sobbing asked for help and to avoid being captured, the alleged thief not only confronted the police and night watchmen, but also threw himself down a slope, finally being reduced. Víctor Luis Medina Jonda (22), ended up bleeding after suffering the spectacular fall.

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It was at 10:30 a.m. that security guards from Huancayo and police patrolling the Cerrito de la Libertad, Karen Quispe O. (27) and Cielo Huarcaya (19) approached crying. Both mentioned that they were attacked by two individuals, one of whom stole Karen’s cell phone. Likewise, the aggrieved said that the subjects were drinking liquor on Av. Unión and Torre Torre. The agents immediately went to the place where three suspects were still drinking liquor in a house located on a slope of land.

When the police approached the subject in the brown coat and white polo shirt who stole the cell phone, two other relatives came out and threw improper. At the time they were transferred to the police station, the alleged thief wanted to hit the agents, only to realize later that he was running down the dirt slope.

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After a chase for several blocks, this young man was caught up in the neighborhood of Las Rosas del Cerrito de la Libertad, where in his desire not to be caught, he threw himself down a slope of several meters, rolling, but was finally framed and taken to the police station. .

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