Public Ministry opened investigation for alleged embezzlement in payment process in the National Lottery

The Primary Care Section of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor of the Public Ministry opened an ex officio investigation for the alleged commission of the crime of embezzlement, related to the process of paying the second prize of the draw on June 5, 2022 of the National Charity Lottery ( LNB).

It is about Mr. Ralph Hogan, who “hit” the 4 numbers of the second prize of the National Charity Lottery, but the institution has not been able to make his prize effective: the ticket with the number 2276 that he played in the second prize of the Sunday draw on June 5, 2022 and was purchased at Parque Lefrevre.

The winner of this ticket went to get his prize at the Lottery’s main office in San Miguelito and the supervisor told him that the ticket had already been returned.

He explained that the agency supervisor told him that he should leave it for an investigation and that he had to send it to the treasury. Later, he went to the main offices of the Lottery and there another supervisor told him that the case was under investigation and that it could take between 4 to 5 months.

In the evening hours of this Tuesday, after the investigation by the Public Ministry was announced, the Lottery issued a statement indicating that after carrying out the investigations, it immediately contacted Mr. Hogan, so that he could present himself to change his winning fraction.

“Given the dissatisfaction presented by Mr. Ralph Hogan in a local media, to collect the fraction of ticket number 2276, which played in the second prize of the Sunday draw on June 5, 2022, it is important to clarify that the National Charity Lottery, immediately activated the investigation procedures,” the statement said.

The entity reported that during the investigations carried out, there was an inaccuracy in the reading, in which it appeared that the bill was returned to the institution by a bill collector.

According to the entity, when the client was unaware of the institution’s procedures to deal with these cases, he chose to withdraw. “Mr. Hogan, he attended two agencies and in both the system obviously reflected the same status, returned.”

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