Delta del Tigre High School in permanent assembly for case of violence

The teachers of the Liceo de Delta del Tigre, are in a permanent assembly, after an act of violence.

During the afternoon of last Thursday, a young man fired five shots into the air, while second-year students carried out physical education activities.

These violent events were denounced by the high school authorities. However, the teaching group declared itself in a permanent assembly last Friday the 13th, due to the “omission of the permanent authorities.” In the absence of the authorities of the Central Board of Directors (Codicen), from today teachers and officials of the high school continue in permanent assembly awaiting the presence of the highest authorities of the Codicen, the chief of Police of San José and the Chief of sectional No. 11 Ávila”. He supports part of the document released on Tuesday 17.

“We demand solutions to our claims. We are systematically experiencing situations of violence. These situations occur in a context of extreme precariousness of the institution in terms of spaces and human resources”, was expressed from the Delta del Tigre teaching group, in the department of San José.

Insecurity and lack of resources in the high school

Later the text adds that there are “students with very particular and complex problems, and that the high school must contain with very few resources.”

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