Vente Venezuela agrees with the primaries but sets conditions to participate

Vente Venezuela agrees with the primaries but sets conditions to participate

Manual elections and with true citizen choice are some of the points put forward by Vente Venezuela for the process

The political organization Vente Venezuela published a statement on Tuesday, May 17 in which he states that he agrees with the holding of primaries that allow a unitary candidate to be chosen for the 2024 elections, an action that must be done as quickly as possible and not wait until 2023.

However, he clarified that there are certain conditions that must be met for their participation in this process, “as long as there are guarantees that this vote will elect and it will not be an imposition of the regime.”

This instance, led by María Corina Machado, insists on the need for the opposition to articulate itself through concrete actions such as “with an election in which the vote of each Venezuelan really chooses” and not through mechanisms such as “drills”. , false negotiations or distributions between parties».

In that sense, Vente Venezuela stated that the citizens are the ones who must elect the unitary representative of the opposition, asserting that in this way the credibility that the Venezuelan gives to the leader that results from said election is guaranteed.

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For this process, they ask that the primary election be done with manual mechanisms so as not to depend on decisions or interventions by entities such as the National Electoral Council and the Supreme Court of Justice, which also facilitate the participation of all Venezuelans inside and outside the country.

Vente Venezuela greeted all the organizations and members of civil society that have offered to carry out this process, emphasizing that since it is a purely citizen activity, their support can be counted on.

The Unitary Platform, after the recent deliberations on the future opponentmade official on Monday, May 16, the appointment of the leader Omar Barboza (Un Nuevo Tiempo), former president of the National Assembly (AN), as executive secretary of the instance.

One of the agreed points, facing the 2024 presidential elections, is that the opposition candidate (or candidates) be chosen “by a broad and plural primary process that will take place in the year 2023.” Although the date has not been specified, sources from the Unitarian Platform told TalCual that one of the dates being handled is March of next year.

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