Delgado: “High temperatures affect structural and plant mass fires”

Angel Valdes | May 5, 2023

Lieutenant Corone, Ángel Delgado of the Benemérito Fire Department of Panama, referred to the situation of plant mass and structural fires where the high temperatures that have been occurring in the country are also a breeding ground for causing fires.

«For there to be a fire we must have 4 elements that are oxygen, heat, combustible material and the chemical chain reaction, we are having oxygen through the strong winds produced by the season and also the high temperatures, definitely that This is a breeding ground for structural and plant mass fires to be generated and this definitely affects even the control of the fire because many times we pour water or our own chemical products for extinction and it becomes difficult for us, “said Delgado.

I also take the opportunity to remember the 109 years of the tragedy of the powder magazine where 6 firefighters gave their lives in the line of duty «This event marked a milestone in national history due to that explosion on the morning of May 5, 1914 and this date marks a before and after in the development of the history of the Meritorious Fire Department of Panama.

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