Executive proposes to regulate the lifetime senatorial position

Executive proposes to regulate the lifetime senatorial position

Carlos Trapani, legal adviser to the Executive, spoke at a press conference at the Palacio de López, where he presented the draft regulation of the senatorship for life, contemplated in article 189 of the National Constitution.

The purpose is to implement the figure of life senatorship, in the sense of establishing the general rules that are necessary to exercise the functions, regarding how they can present projects and participate in discussions or commissions “Trapani explained.

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It is suggested that, once his mandate is over, the President of the Republic will automatically and immediately join the position of senator for life (with voice, but no vote). You will not have a salary and it will not imply any additional budget outlay.

In addition, if he is not interested in this incorporation, the outgoing president may reject his adhesion, but he must do so only before the head of the Chamber of Senators.

The Parliamentary immunity will be only in terms of opinions expressed in the exercise of functions, however, if there is a need to open a case for any common crime, there will be no impediment or need for an excess of law, as occurs with other legislators.

Article 189 of the Magna Carta states that: former presidents of the Republic, democratically elected, will be senators for life of the Nation, unless they have been subjected to impeachment and found guilty. They will not make up the quorum. They will have a voice, but no vote.

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