Delegate Martínez and removal of blue awnings in the Meiggs neighborhood: “We are making progress in making it clear that the State is there”

“We need to give a signal to the citizenry that order is returning, that the State is returning to the places where it had eventually ceased to be. For this reason, it is important to give this signal that we are showing now, that effectively little by little we are making progress in you see more orderly, cleaner streets, that you can actually see that the State is there,” said the presidential delegate of the Metropolitan Region, Constanza Martínez, after a new operation of blue awning removal in the meiggs neighborhood.

in conversation with meganewsAlong with acknowledging that “there is a crisis after the pandemic that has people in a very precarious situation” and emphasizing that what is really sought is “rule out gangs that have taken over the sector”, the delegate Martínez indicated that clean streets help to have a better vision and therefore a more optimal investigation by the police and the municipality, because before “with the awnings we did not have access to anything that was happening in those streets, so they were streets that were outside of the law”.

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The government official of President Gabriel Boric also acknowledged that the removal of awnings is a very complex issue, since “in the Meiggs neighborhood there are real mafias and organized crime.” This, as explained by the delegate Martínez, “is a conclusion that we have taken in light of the background, the power of fire, the organization that exists in the place.”

“Today with the issue of awnings we are not trying to find the last link in the chain, but we are trying to break up gangs that today have taken over the sector in territorial terms, in ways very similar to what the drug trafficking,” he said.

And he added that they have even seen that these awnings are sold to be able to be installed in places like the Meiggs neighborhood. He explained that “here there are people who are getting rich at the expense of job insecurity for people who are often in a very poor situation.”

“Then, what we have to see is a plan that is comprehensive, that addresses the different elements,” he concluded.

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