Alesp maintains Arthur do Val's impeachment process

Cassation of Arthur do Val is published in the Official Gazette of São Paulo

It was published on Official Gazette of São Paulo today (21), the loss of mandate of deputy Arthur do Val (União Brasil). He was impeached last Tuesday (17) in unanimous decision taken by the plenary of the Legislative Assembly of State. Arthur do Val, known as Mamãe Falei, is ineligible for a period of eight years. Cassation of Arthur do Val is published in the Official Gazette of São Paulo

In April of this year, Arthur do Val resigned from his position after the Parliamentary Ethics and Decorum Council of the assembly had approved the report that called for his impeachment. Despite the resignation, he still had to face the process that made him ineligible. By the rules of the São Paulo legislature, the resignation of the mandate does not interrupt the cassation process.

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The then deputy Arthur do Val went to the border between Slovakia and Ukraine, a country in a situation of war, to, according to him, help the Ukrainians against Russia. He sent audios to friends, later released by the press, in which he praised the beauty of Ukrainian refugees and said that the women there are “easy” because they are poor.

“As soon as this war is over, I will come back here. Detail: they look. And they are easy, because they are poor. And here my Instagram letter, full of subscribers, works great. I didn’t catch anyone, we didn’t have time, but I stuck to two groups of mines, and it’s unbelievable how easy it is”, said Arthur do Val in an excerpt of the audio sent in a private group on WhatsApp.

After the audios gained enormous repercussion on social networks and in the press, the Ethics Council began to receive dozens of representations from parliamentarians asking for the removal of the deputy’s mandate.


Yesterday (20), before the vote and the demonstrations of the parliamentarians in the Legislative Assembly, the lawyer Paulo Henrique Franco Bueno went to the plenary to defend the client. The lawyer complained that legal formalities were not fulfilled during the cassation process. The lawyer also said that Arthur do Val’s acts were carried out outside the country and criticized the fact that he was being tried even though he had already resigned from his position.

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