A year after the disappearance of López Frey, Justice supports the hypothesis of suicide

A year after the disappearance of López Frey, Justice supports the hypothesis of suicide

Frey Clark’s mother said that she believes that “they killed her” and asked that she be given “even a small fingernail of hers to bury her and close this tragedy” (Photo Walter Díaz)

The justice of Santa Cruz supports the hypothesis of a suicide of Marcela López Frey, the woman who disappeared a year ago in Río Gallegos, but her family and friends insist on knowing what happened to her, in a case that the federal justice returned to the provincial after ruling out a kidnapping for ransom.

In dialogue with Télam, the head of Criminal Court No. 2 Valeria López Lestón, said that “the main hypothesis continues to be suicide” and that “the investigation continues”, even with the request for “external help” requested from national forces.

This Sunday marks one year since the disappearance of López Frey, who was last seen in the coastal area of ​​the capital of Santa Cruz. The woman was 61 years old, had two children and several grandchildren.

Although the case was initially investigated as a femicide, the security cameras, the testimonies collected and the psychological autopsy led to privilege the suicide trail.

Photo Walter Daz
(Photo Walter Diaz)

Last September, the complaint reported to the federal justice the suspicion of a kidnapping for ransom based on recordings of her former partner and the alleged finding of dollars in a house within the property they shared.

The Federal Chamber of Comodoro Rivadavia, where the appeal had been filed after the court in charge of Claudio Vázquez sent the complaint to file, decided in November 2021 not to accept it because it considered the “assumptions” of the recordings insufficient. with the voice of López’s ex-partner (according to the official experts with delusions and characteristics of strangeness and extravagance). Thus, the case reached the provincial court on February 2.

Judicial sources informed Télam that several evidentiary proceedings were carried out without success, but they insisted that they seek to find López Frey.

“The only recordings that justice has are the ones we get from private cameras” told Télam one of his daughters.

Photo Walter Daz
(Photo Walter Diaz)

A fisherman, who testified in court, claimed to have exchanged a greeting with López Frey on the beach around six in the afternoon, when the tide was low.

Other sources reminded Télam that “those nights there were extraordinary tides” and that if Marcela had jumped off the pier, the water would have carried her body from the estuary to the sea.

The bones and hair found in two properties of his former partner by the dogs of the handler Marcos Herrero, who is detained in Mendoza, were not sent for analysisbecause the justice considered that they were obtained in the middle of a raid not authorized by the judge.

Only a maxillary rest was sent at the request of the Justice of that province to compare it with other bone remains that Herrero would have found in another search, and the skills determined that those bones belonged to a male.

Marcela’s mother, Maria Ines Frey Clarktold Télam a few months ago that He believes that “Marcela was killed” and asked that she be given “even if it is just one of her fingernails to bury her and close this tragedy.”

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