Delcy Rodríguez highlighted the role of women in national life

Delcy Rodríguez highlighted the role of women in national life

This Thursday, the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, assured that the true feminist movement only occurs in the Bolivarian nation, «it is no coincidence that Venezuela, according to UNESCO, is the first country in Latin America with the greatest participation of women in science and technology”.

“Not only that, but we are among the three countries in the world, that is something really impressive and incredible, about the participation of women in national life,” she emphasized.

The approach was made by Rodríguez during the installation ceremony led by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, of the Venezuelan Congress of Women 2022, in which he maintained that with Commander Hugo Chávez, actions were taken to subtract patriarchy from all spaces of national life.”

In that sense, she stressed that Venezuelan women know very well what it means for the patriarchy to direct the reins of a country, “something that currently does not happen in Venezuela, when we see the leadership of the hegemonic blocs, we see women, but with the patriarchal view of the exercise of politics.

He affirmed that in Venezuela, “we have a male, feminist President, it is consciousness, it is the vision of gender equality and equity for men and women who are equal before life and all aspects of humanity.”

Given the difficulties faced by the country as a result of the blockade and unilateral sanctions, she stressed that women have been present “resisting the criminal blockade through productivity, participation in the economy, in the countryside, in food production, to entrepreneurship”.

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