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Dejected aka The Rabbit

Dejected aka The Rabbit

Carlos Enrique Gómez Rodríguez, alias El Conejo, was killed early this Friday in a confrontation in Sucre state

Carlos Enrique Gomez Rodriguezalias El Conejo, was killed during a confrontation with police officers that occurred early Friday morning in the Mariño municipality (Irapa), Sucre state, according to police sources.

The Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace announced that he will report the details of the operation in which officials from the Directorate of Strategic and Tactical Actions (DAET) of the Bolivarian National Police participated.

Alias ​​The Rabbit was on the run since feb 2022 when the operation Gran Cacique Guaicaipuro II was deployed in the Santos Michelena municipality (Las Tejerías), Aragua and evicted the top brass of the criminal organization commanded by that subject.

El Conejo’s group dispersed and he fled to Colombia, although he returned from time to time. They presume that on February 5 he and his group carried out a simultaneous attack against police headquarters located in Las Tejerías.

The organization de El Conejo was dedicated to drug trafficking, extortion, hitmen and kidnappings, among others. In recent times, she had made an alliance with Carlos Revette (El Koki), who belonged to the criminal structure that operated at Cota 905 and who was killed on February 8, 2022 precisely in Las Tejerías, when they were facing police agencies. .

The mayor of Las Tejerías, Pedro Hernández, was arrested last Friday for his alleged ties to El Conejo.

Last photos of alias El Conejo before being killed in Irapa. Photo: @ELESPINITO

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