Defensa de Jean Alain: «Canó Sacco fue excluido del expediente ante aparente negociación»

Defense of Jean Alain: «Canó Sacco was excluded from the file due to apparent negotiation»

For the defense of the former Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Alain Rodriguezone of the main informers against the former official in the case and who is detained in Spain, was removed from the file “before apparent negotiation.”

“It is evident that Mr. Canó Sacco was excluded from the file due to an apparent negotiation, of which there are no details. If he Public ministry agreed to some type of negotiation that involves a monetary recovery and application of some type of penalty, it must be explained to the public in accordance with Art. 363 of the Penal Code. It is surprising that, conveniently, the name of Canó Sacco is not even mentioned in the media when he is the man who has been identified as the author or accomplice of many of the accusations contained in the accusation,’ added Gustavo Biaggi Pumarol, one of the lawyers for the former attorney

The defense council He denied each and every one of the accusations included in the document delivered today, against the former Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Alain Rodriguezremembering that the simple confession or testimony is not a means of proof, much less when it comes to perpetrators of crimes.

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They assured that a preliminary reading of the voluminous file of the nearly 400 interrogations “does not show that the former attorney Jean Alain Rodriguez Sanchez has requested or accepted bribes, irregular payments for his benefit, what if it happens in relation to the former chief of staff Mr. Rafael Steffano Cano Sacco and two businessmen.

They described as unusual that in more than 100 interrogationsreal or not, the former chief of staff and president of the Renewal Political MovementRafael Canó Sacco, is directly accused of serious and serious crimes against the treasury, and to date does not appear as accused.

“In a case of alleged administrative corruptionthe person who reviewed and approved absolutely every action and who coordinated absolutely everything related to the Renovación political movement, including all campaign contributions and payments to alleged Mexican advisers, is a fugitive and with a simple “I was not”, “it was he ”, without any evidence other than a crude testimony, is the basis of an accusation”, explained the defense of the former official involved in the case called jellyfish.

In this regard, the lawyer Carlos Balcacer He said that “it is unlikely that Rafael Canó Sacco does not appear in the accusation when there are hundreds of pieces of evidence that compromise him. Article 65 of the Criminal Code establishes very clearly that the crimes and offenses that are committed cannot be excused, nor can the penalty imposed by law be mitigated, except in the cases and circumstances in which the law itself declares the excuse admissible. , or authorize the imposition of a less serious penalty”.

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