December 20 Decreed National Day of Mourning in Panama

A month and a half after that initiative was approved in the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), the ruler signed the legal norm and asserted that with it a debt is settled with the Homeland, with those who fell in that tragic event whom we remember with respect. and their relatives, he added.

Legislative project 157 adopts measures to raise awareness about that aggression that sowed chaos, death and the destruction of entire towns, including the martyred neighborhood of El Chorrillo, in this capital.

It also establishes mandatory rest, but above all that the national flag will be raised to half-staff throughout the isthmus and prohibits the transmission and projection of strident music in all state and private radio and television media.

It also indicates that the dispensing, consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages is not allowed throughout the country.

The educational centers of Panama, the legal instrument specifies, must carry out public acts in which they highlight the causes, motives and consequences of the events that occurred in these tragic events.

The head of the AN, Crispiano Adames, one of the promoters of the law, stated that all victims deposited in mass graves deserve justice and what is done with this proposal is a way of not forgetting the abuse committed by the United States.

The president of the Association of Relatives and Friends of the Fallen on December 20, Trinidad Ayola, asserted that after 32 years of struggle and perseverance, justice has been done and she advanced the construction of a monument to commemorate the tragic date and works for this purpose in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture.

Documents declassified in Washington and published for the first time in December 2019 indicate some 516 fatalities as a result of the aggression, including 314 soldiers. But on the isthmus there is talk of thousands of deaths, most of them civilians.

Last year, on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the vile attack, Ayola pointed out in exclusive statements to Prensa Latina that there are many outstanding debts, including knowing the whereabouts of thousands of disappeared.

He also commented on the urgency of identifying the remains of the fatal victims, in a process of exhuming bodies that does not end.

On the other hand, he considered that the invasion has not had the necessary international condemnation, even despite a report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, in 2018, which judged the United States for violating human rights and urged the Panamanian Executive to compensate the victims.

In this fight, we made progress such as achieving in 2016 the formation of the December 20 Commission, headed by Professor Juan Planells and dedicated exclusively to the investigation of those events.

The so-called Just Cause, whose stated objectives were to put an end to the supposed dictatorship and capture former general Manuel Antonio Noriega, restore democracy and provide well-being to the people, what actually brought death and chaos to the martyred neighborhood of El Chorrillo, among others in the capital and in Colón, many of them disappeared by the artillery.


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