Deadline to issue or regularize title ends Wednesday

Deadline for holding party conventions ends today

Today (5th) the deadline for political parties and party federations to hold conventions and choose candidates who will run for elective positions in this year’s elections, as well as to decide on the formation of coalitions, ends.Deadline for holding party conventions ends today

In the case of party federations, the conventions must take place in a unified manner, with the participation of all member parties. On the other hand, the possibility of coalitions between parties only applies to the dispute for the so-called majority positions (that is, those in which the candidate with the most votes gets the vacancy, in the case of the choice for president, governor, mayor and senator), not valid for proportional elections (deputies).

TSE registration

Once the candidates are defined, the parties will have until August 15th to ask the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to register their candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, state governments and the vacancies for senators and federal, state and district deputies.

Until yesterday afternoon (4), only four candidates for the Presidency of the Republic had registered their candidacies in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE): Felipe D’Avila (Novo); Léo Péricles (Popular Unit-UP); Pablo Marçal (Republican Party of the Social Order-Pros) and Sofia Manzano (Brazilian Communist Party-PCB). Their vice-presidents are, respectively: Tiago Mitraud; Samara Martins; Fatima Pérola Neggra and Antonio Alves.

More than 156.45 million voters are eligible to vote on October 2nd.

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