Miguel Mendoza's daughter begs to be allowed to visit her father in prison: "I've gotten very sick from not seeing you"

Daughter of journalist Miguel Mendoza has developed anxiety after forced separation from her father

Ramón Mendoza, brother of political prisoner Miguel Mendoza, explained that after the forced separation between the journalist and his daughter Alejandra, for more than 15 months, the girl has developed anxiety by not having her father present and is “desperate” for see him.

In interview with the In Touch program, Article 66, the sports chronicler’s brother assured that “the girl has gotten sick not once and has had to be taken to the specialist, first she was taken to the pediatrician, where the psychologist, and then the pediatrician said that the girl had an anxiety problem and therefore, it was the psychologist who had to see her».

Alejandra “has lost a lot of weight and is desperate” to see her father, who was arrested by the Ortega Police on June 20, 2021 and since then, they have been denied any type of communication.

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Likewise, Ramón Mendoza commented that “this week, the girl had a relapse and that worries us, she had to go back to the specialist and the psychiatrist told us that what the girl has is a problem of separation, anxiety, worry, stress and all that is hurting the girl and that is what worries us ».

Daughter of journalist Miguel Mendoza has developed anxiety after forced separation from her father

“This is an injustice, it is a lack of consideration, this is torture not only for Miguel, but also for Alejandra,” stressed the brother of the political prisoner.

“The girl has rights. The Constitution, the Code for Children and Adolescents establish this and therefore, they are flagrantly violating the law (acting) against the girl and against Miguel », she denounced.

On September 19, journalist Miguel Mendoza began a hunger strike with the aim of pressuring the Nicaraguan regime to allow him to see his daughter Alejandra, according to his relatives.

Given this situation, Ramón Mendoza indicated that for the sports writer this is “the only or last alternative that he has left to see and fight so that his daughter can visit him.”

Mendoza is one of 18 political prisoners denied the right to see and communicate with their children by the Ortega-Murillo regime. The relatives of the prisoner of conscience have requested in different ways that the slightest communication between Miguel and his daughter be authorized, however, the Ortega administration has denied this demand.

The journalist was arrested at his home on June 21, 2021. The regime imprisoned the sports writer for allegedly “conspiring to undermine national integrity” and “spreading false news.” He was sentenced to nine years in prison. In addition, he was disqualified from holding public office.

The first and only time that the Ortega regime showed Miguel Mendoza, the journalist looked thin, emaciated, like the other 26 political prisoners locked up in “El Nuevo Chipote”, but he always kept his head held high.

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