Daniel Urresti: Oral trial for the crime of journalist Hugo Bustíos is suspended until October 6

Daniel Urresti: Oral trial for the crime of journalist Hugo Bustíos is suspended until October 6

The Judiciary suspended the oral trial against the candidate for Mayor of Lima de Podemos Peru, for the murder of journalist Hugo Bustíos until next Thursday, October 6.

The Third Transitory National Superior Criminal Chamber of the National Superior Court of Specialized Criminal Justice took this measure after being informed that the lawyer of the former Minister of the Interior was absent for health reasons.

Due to the absence of the defense attorney, who received medical leave, it was decided that the hearing would continue that day from 2:30 p.m.

For the Public Ministry, Daniel Urresti would have participated in the murder of Hugo Bustíos and he tried to do the same with Eduardo Rojas Arce, who was also on the linear motorcycle and who survived the attack.

According to the prosecutor’s thesis, Urresti would have been aware of the order given to assassinate the journalist correspondent for Caretas magazine and would have ordered the operation as former head of the Intelligence and Counterintelligence Section (S-2) of the Castropampa (Huanta) counter-subversive base. at the time of executing the events.

He specifies that on November 24 of that year, Urresti Elera was the one who told his subordinates to end Bustíos’s life by order of the military chief of Huanta, Víctor La Vera Hernández.

According to the representative of the Public Ministry, in November 1988, Urresti Elera told La Vera Hernández that Hugo Bustíos was a collaborator of the Shining Path terrorist organization.

For this fact, the prosecution requested 25 years in prison against Daniel Urresti and the payment of a civil compensation amounting to 500 thousand soles, 300 thousand in favor of the heirs of Hugo Bustíos and 200 thousand for the heirs of Eduardo Rojas Arce.


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