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They capture a German wanted for the crime of his wife

The captured is Richard Joseph Scherthan, 61, who since 2020 was a fugitive from German justice that required him for the crime of his wife.

Today in the Santa María de Asunción neighborhood, the foreigner was spotted on public roads and was arrested. For some time now, police officers have been following his steps and today he was arrested.

The man was placed at the disposal of the criminal court of Turno and it was reported that Scherthan had an arrest warrant for extradition purposes.

According to the police, it had been known for a long time that the German entered Paraguay, but he remained hidden in the interior of the country in communities of other Teutons, so it was difficult to locate him, but about six months ago he came to live in Asunción and there he began to follow him until today when he was captured.

The entrance They capture a German wanted for the crime of his wife was first published in diary TODAY.

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