Three months of preventive to man linked to cocaine trafficking in Punta Cana Airport

Three months of preventive to man linked to cocaine trafficking in Punta Cana Airport

THE HIGH GRACE.– The Public ministry obtained three months of preventive detention against a man linked to the trafficking of 50 packages of cocaine, weighing 51.89 kilograms, seized last September 9 in the Punta Cana International Airport.

Upon accepting the petition of the persecuting body, Judge Francis Yojary Reyes Diloné, of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of La Altagracia, ordered the sending to prison of the accused Sauris Martínez Castro, who will comply with the measure in the Correction and Rehabilitation Center (CCR) Anamuya, from Higuey.

The drug was seized in two suitcases registered in the name of Julia Benoit de la Cruz, who would leave the country through the air terminal on a flight to Brussels.

Upon making the discovery, the authorities proceeded to arrest Benoit de la Cruz and Moisses Benjamín Lizardo Raposo, the Assist Air Group employee who checked in the baggage.

Investigations are ongoing

The court ordered Benoit de la Cruz to pay an economic guarantee of RD$20,000 while Lizardo Raposo remained under the care and surveillance of a guarantor. Both have an impediment to leave the country and must appear periodically before the Public Ministry.

Martínez Castro, who is credited with associating with the aforementioned defendants to dedicate himself to the illicit trafficking of substances controlled, he was driving a white van in which it is presumed that the two suitcases containing the drug were taken to the airport.

Due to his involvement in the case, he was arrested by court order and a coercive preventive detention measure was also requested against the accused Carlos Junior Soriano Doroteo, an employee of the Punta Cana International Airport.

The hearing to hear the measure against Soriano Doroteo was set for this Tuesday, September 27.

The Public Ministry indicates in the request for coercive measures that when taking the suitcases to the X-ray check-up area, 25 packages of a white powder were used in each one, for a total of 50 packages, which after being analyzed by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif), it was established that it corresponded to chlorhydrated cocaine.

The defendants, all of Dominican nationality, face charges for violation of Articles 4, Letter D; 5, Letter A; 58, 59, 60 and 75, paragraph II, of Law 50-88, on Drugs and Controlled Substances.

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