Culmina ciclo de Expo Ferias Universitarias en el país

Cycle of Expo University Fairs in the country ends

The University Fair Expo of Caracas, held in the Venezuela Hall of the Military Circle, closed the cycle of meetings designed to disseminate the academic offers of the National Income System 2022 throughout the country.

The exhibition brought together a representation of the institutions dand Capital District, Miranda, La Guaira and Araguato show the study opportunities anchored to the productive possibilities of the nation.

The rector of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, Sandra Oblitas, He recalled that on June 30 “the opportunity to make modifications to the National Income System, designed with the criteria of territorial development, focused on the 18 productive engines, was closed.”

For his part, the rector of the University of Health Sciences, Charles Alvarado, He mentioned that it is an occasion to celebrate because “the Bolivarian Government has massified university admissions. More than 300,000 places have been offered, of which we reached a record of 30% in health-related careers.


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