Cuéllar crashes against Quintana: He is the scum of MAS and society, he cowardly escaped

Cuéllar crashes against Quintana: He is the scum of MAS and society, he cowardly escaped

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The deputy of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) Rolando Cuéllar described the former minister Juan Ramón Quintana as “scum” and “cowardly”, who questioned the role of the current parliamentarians of the party as a government in the defense of Law 1386.

“We want to tell Juan Ramón Quintana that he is the scum of the Movement Toward Socialism and of society. (…) He cowardly escaped to an embassy, ​​he went into hiding to see if the Movement Toward Socialism would win or not, “said Cuéllar.

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In a political training workshop held on Thursday, Quintana affirmed that the current legislators of the MAS and the Government lack training to fight in the streets for a rule such as the repealed Law 1386.

“You have to be self-critical, because our colleagues in the government and in the legislature do not have enough political and ideological training to stand up and take to the streets to occupy a trench and fight for a law,” Quintana said Thursday in the Tropic of Cochabamba.

The official legislator reminded the former minister that he and several of his colleagues were in the streets fighting after the resignation of then-President Evo Morales. He said that thanks to that movement Quintana can now walk freely.

“Mr. Quintana has no morals, he does not have the blood on his face to be questioning this management. We strongly reject the statements of Juan Ramón Quintana, he is not an official voice of the Movement Toward Socialism ”, he emphasized.

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