Cuban musician Lázaro Valdés passed away

The Cuban musician Lázaro Valdés Espinosa, owner of a recognized career in the cuban popular music and jazz, passed away in Havana at dawn on January 1, 2023.

Valdés Espinosa was 83 years old at the time of his death, the cause of which was not reported by the Cuban Institute of Music (ICM) when breaking the news.

Pianist, researcher and director of the Son Jazz group, the artist studied at the Marianao Conservatory, in the Cuban capital.

Valdés was the last pianist of the Giant Band of Benny Morea formation that he directed and kept active for several years after the death of its creator, according to the ICM.

The institution highlights the artist’s performances in different musical genres, especially son and jazz, and considers that “his musical legacy constitutes a benchmark for Cuban pianistics.”

In addition, remember that his extensive work as a musician, Lázaro Valdés Espinosa deserved various awards, including the Distinction for National Culture, delivered by the Ministry of Culture.

According to the ICM, by family decision the body of the musician will be veiled in an intimate ceremony.

The entity offers its condolences to relatives and relatives of the artist, father of the well-known Cuban musician Lázarito Valdés, director of the popular Bamboleo orchestra.

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