Billy Rodríguez (de azul) en una pelea durante un torneo de boxeo en Cuba. Foto: Prensa Latina / Archivo.

Cuban boxing: Billy Rodríguez will make his professional debut

Cuban boxer Billy Rodríguez will debut in the professional boxing on June 5 as a rival to the Argentine Sergio Daniel González, on a billboard to be held in Buenos Aires, official media on the Island report.

The fight will take place at the Los Indios club, in the town of Moreno, and will place the light flyweight continental monarch against a rival who has three wins and one setback in such scenarios, in accordance with the website Hit.

The organizers announced that the actions between Rodríguez and González will begin at 9:00 PM (local time), with a live broadcast on the channel ESPNafter other lawsuits that make up the billboard.

In this way, Rodríguez will be the seventh fighter who, under the protection of the Cuban Federation of Boxing, will have action in professional boxing circuits. Previously, six other fighters from the island, grouped in the Domadores de Cuba squad, they won their lawsuits in a program held on May 20 in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes.

On that evening, only the super lightweight Lázaro Álvarez could not finish his fight before the limit, but he unanimously defeated the local Francisco Mercado.

Meanwhile, the Olympic monarchs Roniel Iglesias, Arlen López and Julius Caesar the Crossthe world title holder Yoenlis Hernández, and the bronze at that level, Osvel Caballero, settled their respective duels before the agreed six rounds.

In the most spectacular outcome of that night, the light heavyweight López delivered a convincing KO to the host Galván in the same initial round of the fight.

Boxing: Domadores team from Cuba sweeps Mexico in the premiere of the professional circuit

The irruption of Cuban amateur boxers in boxing for rent comes from the hand of the Mexican promotion company Golden Ring Promotions, with which recently signed a representation contract to venture into the different professional circuits.

Until then, boxers from the Island had to leave the country and cut their ties with the national federation to make a professional career, mainly in the United States. Several of them, active or already out of the ring, have achieved important successes in rented circuits and have even held the championship belt, as confirmation of the quality of Cuban boxing.

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