Cuban boxer debuts as a professional… and escapes hours later

The cuban boxer Billy Rodríguez had a stellar professional debut this Friday in the city of La Paz, Mexico, where he categorically defeated the host Miguel Ángel Luna in the 108-pound division, but shortly after his fight he decided not to return to the Island, according to official sources.

Rodríguez, Pan-American champion in the Guayaquil fight earlier this year, beat Luna in a fight scheduled for six rounds, but ended in the second round due to the forceful attack of the Antillean, who scored a technical knockout in his debut. in rented boxing.

On a card held this Friday night in Baja California, Billy had no mercy against an opponent who had more losses than wins in his professional career. Little Moon could cope with the speed, explosiveness and drive of the Havanan, very active from the very opening bell.

The man from the capital was very loose in the ring and little by little increased the intensity of his blows, but without wearing himself out excessively against an opponent who looked well below his level, despite the fact that in his career he had only lost one fight for knockout

Seeing the difference in strength, Rodríguez did not want to prolong the duel and in the second round he attacked with more consistency, combining effectively and finishing off with two right straights to the face of Luna, who sank his knee to the canvas.

Given this scenario, the referee decided to stop the fight and award victory to Billy, who made his debut through the big door in the professional arena. The Cuban had been waiting for this moment for two months, when his premiere was canceled because the Argentine Sergio Daniel Rosales did not make weight before the confrontation.

However, all this was left in the background just hours after Rodríguez’s fight in Mexico, since the Caribbean boxer decided not to undertake the journey back to the Island, as reported by the Domadores de Cuba, the official franchise of the Cuban Federation of Boxing.

“Turning his back on his contractual obligations, Billy Rodríguez decided not to return to Cuba after making his professional boxing debut last night. We condemn his attitude, oblivious to the contracted commitment, ”the Tamers expressed in a brief communication shared by the digital site Hit.

So far, no details of the Havana escape have emerged, consolidated as the main light flyweight figure on the island. This is not the first significant loss for Cuban boxing so far in 2022, since Kevin Brown, Henrich Ruiz and Olympic champion Andy Cruz.

Brown separated from the national team in Panama at the end of March of this year, when he was traveling to the Pan-American of the discipline in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Precisely, Ruiz also stayed in that South American nation, bronze at the 2021 Belgrade World Cup.

Cruz, for his part, was expelled from the Cuban sports movement, after he was absent from the “Playa Girón” National Championship and was caught trying to leave the country illegally last July.

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