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Cuban biologist ends 14-day hunger strike in front of the UN in Geneva

The Cuban biologist Ariel Ruiz Urquiolaenvironmental and LGTBI activist, this Saturday ended his hunger and thirst strike in front of the headquarters of the UN Office for Human Rights in Geneva, after this institution communicated with the Cuban authorities to convey its concern about the case.

Ruiz Urquiola, who throughout the two weeks of protest had to be treated on several occasions by medical teams due to problems of fatigue and dehydration, chose to end the strike after the United Nations office echoed his situation as he demanded, they indicated to Eph sources in your environment.

The biologist denounced with his strike that in the last two decades he and his family have suffered all kinds of abuses for their activism, from the expulsion of him and his sister from the University of Havana to trying to seize land that they worked after his dismissal. .

According to this source, Ruiz Urquiola also denounces various “medical torture”, and in this sense he assures that his sister has suffered all kinds of obstacles when it comes to being treated for breast cancer, while he “was inoculated” in 2019 the HIV virus, when he was on another hunger strike.

The decision to put an end to this strike came as a result of the UN Human Rights Office publishing on Friday, through the local newspaper Tribune de Genève, a statement in which it asked the Cuban authorities to communicate with Ruiz Urquiola and with his sister, who was prevented from returning to Cuba after receiving treatment in Miami (USA).

Ariel Ruiz Urquiola: “Freedom or liberation”

The note signed by the spokeswoman for the UN office Ravina Shamdasani adds that Cuba “must guarantee that the situation is resolved in accordance with the obligations (of the country) under international law.”

Ruiz Urquiola received this week the visit of three officials from the office headed by the High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, who promised him that the institution would analyze his case, although this “would take time,” according to Tribune de Genève.


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